JC’s – The Event Chili

What is an event?  An event is where you’ll serve JC’s chili —  a quick lunch, an office-wide lunch, a gathering of family and friends, tailgating, or a fundraiser for your favorite organization. Putting JC’s on the table will make any occasion an event.

For a delicious and nutritious lunch we offer the “Lunch Special”, five individual 8 oz servings of your favorite JC’s chili in a microwavable container. Grab one out of the freezer in the morning, pop it in a microwave at lunch, and enjoy! But, beware the envious glares.

“I love walking back to my office with my hot lunch size JC’s chili – people walk by and go “Wow, that smells good!”Brent S. - Our most dedicated, sport-diet, Lunch Specials customer.

For your larger gatherings, where dietary requirements and taste preferences can vary greatly, no one is left out when you serve all of the varieties of JC’s chili. Feeding a group – large or small – is a breeze with one-stop shopping:  Four varieties of JC’s chili, corn bread and fantastic desert offerings.  Don’t forget all the fixings that go with a great bowl of JC’s chili – fresh onions, select grated cheeses, fresh cilantro and lime, sour cream and chips.  It doesn’t get any easier or tastier!

“Your chili was the hit of the weekend! My brother said several times that it was the best chili he’s ever had, and of course I said, ‘yes I told you so!’”Matt D. - family gathering of 24.