The Chilis

Hand crafted to draw out and blend the essence of every ingredient into a symphony of flavor. Simply amazing!

Beef Chili


Every spoonful is chock full of STEAK in an aromatic sauce of fresh peppers, organic tomatoes, kidney beans and select spices that give it fantastic flavor with just enough heat to warm, not burn you! 210 calories per serving. (Gluten free)
Chicken Chili


A mouthwatering, zesty combination of colorful peppers and white beans, with loads of roasted chicken in every bite. A clear winner for the body-builder and weight lifter at 30 grams of protein and 270 calories per serving! (Gluten free)

Vegan Chili


A robust and satisfying chili (that has fooled many a carnivore) with 3 kinds of beans, lots of fresh peppers, organic tomatoes, exotic spices and non-GMO soy crumbles. All this at only 150 calories per serving.
Coney Sauce


Lean ground beef in a thick, rich, savory sauce with spices that elevate a hot dog to new heights. None better anywhere! Only 45 calories per serving.
(Gluten free)


For our HEAT SEEKERS and those looking for flavorful and artfully blended pepper purees. Made from fresh Ohio grown peppers. These are a great complement to our chilies and make wonderful gifts for those who want to add zest to any of their own culinary creations!